Safe for the Summer

I’m so glad that summer is almost here! I have never really enjoyed the winter. I mean, I love the snow and all, but I don’t really like being out in the cold. The first warm day we had, I took my dog, Zeus, to lake Johnson for an afternoon walk. I guess a lot of other people had the same idea as myself because it seemed like everyone in Raleigh was out that day…fishing, walking and playing near the water’s edge. It brought back some great memories from when I was younger, but it also reminded me of how important it is to be safe when we’re out having fun.

Now that the temperatures are rising and the weather is nicer, more and more people will be heading to pools, beaches and lakes…the perfect places to spend time with your families and escape the North Carolina heat. But just keep in mind, when your out having fun, that water can be extremely dangerous. Last year, an average of 10 people drowned every day! By being a little more cautious, many of these tragedies could be avoided. Please visit to get a summer safety guide and find out how to keep your loved ones protected. So have fun this summer, but more importantly be safe. Happy Swimming!

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