First Triangle Disaster Responder Certificate Awarded

Tracie Brown of the Triangle Red Cross, has created a unique and exciting way to encourage and reward long time disaster volunteers. Through a series of training and response, our chapter is now able to offer a Disaster Response Certification for Disaster Volunteers that recognizes their hard work, hours of training, and dedication to disaster response.

Our first recipient of the certification is John Berry. John is the dedicated leader of our Franklin County efforts, where he has worked tirelessly with our Triangle Staff to assemble and maintain a functioning disaster response team, build relationships with local government partners, and develop agreements with other relief agencies to ensure a more effective disaster response.

It’s fitting that John, a disaster volunteer since 2005, is the first recipient of this new certification program. Congratulations to John, and to Tracie, for creating a vehicle through which we can recognize the volunteers that put their time, sweat and heart into responding to local disasters, one family at a time.

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2 Responses to First Triangle Disaster Responder Certificate Awarded

  1. this is something I want to work hard to get


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