Regional Exercise Helps Red Cross Prepare for Hurricane Season

This weekend the Triangle Region will be conducting an emergency response drill with three chapters in Durham, Raleigh and Fayetteville.

Abby Cameron of the American Red Cross explained the significance of assessment to Red Cross disaster relief: “Damage assessment includes determining where the disaster occurred, where services are needed, and what services are needed. These teams help us determine everything from where to open a shelter to where our mobile feeding operations are needed most.”

The Triangle Region identified and coordinated with several at-risk neighborhoods across the region, where the disaster scenario played out. Volunteer teams of 4 to 5 volunteers canvassed these neighborhoods for pre-placed damage photos, and assessed the ‘damage’ for each home.

The exercise began at 9:00am with a disaster briefing for Red Cross and partner volunteers – Five Civil Air Patrol volunteers were part of the exercise. The teams dispatched to the partnered community after 10:00am, and returned for a debriefing, and a lunch of Jersey Mike’s sandwiches just after noon.

Exercises like this one are crucial to the readiness and resilience of our local communities when a disaster strikes. The Red Cross relief operation relies on disaster assessment teams to tell us where, when and how bad a disaster is, so that we can put the necessary services in the right places.

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