This Makes It All Worthwhile

Those are the words of our disaster responders after receiving several thank you notes from families affected by the Camden Crest Apartment fire that occurred in late August.

Twenty seven apartments were damaged and nearly more than 50 people were displaced. The Red Cross worked with Camden Crest to quickly find housing for residents as well as providing emergency food, shelter and emotional support.

Below is one example of the notes and calls of thanks and appreciation that we received from the residents.

As we discussed on the phone a few weeks ago, I would really appreciate if you could extend my and my fiance Jesse Bakich’s thanks to the Red Cross volunteers who helped out after the fire at Camden Crest Apartments on August 24, 2013.  They were all wonderful – as someone who has been fortunate enough to avoid serious disasters until this fire occurred, I was so grateful that someone was helping out, telling us what we needed to do, giving us a place to sleep and money for clothes and food.  I would especially like to thank the woman who was interviewing everyone in the office was GREAT at her job.  She was calm and funny to just the right degree, and my fiance and I appreciated her help very much. – Caitlin Carson

This is what we do, every day in the Red Cross, and families like the Bakich’s are the reason.

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