Giving Blood Is the Easiest Thing to Do

The miracle of life is one of the most precious gifts known to mankind. For most individuals, all it takes is one moment of disaster to put the value of life into perspective. One family in particular, the Herman’s, were shown how life changing circumstances can change in the blink of an eye. On November 3rd, the Herman families lives, especially their youngest daughter, were altered significantly by the American Red Cross. Around 5 pm in the hospital that day, Mrs. Herman starting experiencing abrupt, extreme sharp pains. She was not supposed to go into labor with her daughter for at least a few hours, but suddenly circumstances took a twist. Mr. Herman described it as all happening so quick, and all the sudden the baby monitor tracking the heart rate dropped from 160 all the way down to 40 within seconds.
It was determined very quickly that Mrs. Herman had a rare condition where her blood vessels grew at an abnormally fast pace. The doctors attributed her labor as furthermore causing her blood vessels to burst. Subsequently, her unborn baby at the time had lost almost all of the blood in her body, which is what caused her heart rate to drop so suddenly. At this point, a blood transfusion was the families only hope at saving their daughter’s life. An immense amount of blood was needed in return for the amount she had lost, and the Red Cross was there to start this life saving procedure.
The Herman’s, like a lot of other families, expressed in the aftermath that while they knew how vital organizations like the Red Cross were in our community, they weren’t aware of just how life-changing they actually were. Individuals know that donating blood through the American Red Cross is of the upmost importance, but do they actually know how their donations are making a direct difference in the lives of others? The Herman’s were able to answer this question after November 3rd, when a blood transfusion aided in saving the life of their daughter.
By: Gillian Danze, Red Cross Intern
North Carolina State University


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3 Responses to Giving Blood Is the Easiest Thing to Do

  1. I could barely imagine the fear going through Mrs. Herman’s mind when the baby’s heart rate dropped like that! I’m glad the baby’s life could be saved and she’s grown into such an energetic girl! Donating blood is one of the best things a human being can do for another person, and it’s good to see it attached to a real family.


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