Constantly Chasing the Demand of Holiday Fires

Every year at this time the Triangle Red Cross can see as much as a 15-30% increase in home fire response. This year has been a record breaker, with an increase of 63% in the number of fires, and 70% in the number of people affected by home fires, over November 2012. December began in much the same manner, with more than 20 families affected by home fires in the first week.

“With more cold weather predicted for this weekend, we really want to stress diligence in home fire safety,” said Barry Porter, Regional Executive for the American Red Cross Triangle Region. “There are things that people can do to reduce their risk of home fires, and we hope that everyone will make use of the resources at to help them do that.”

“Our ability to respond to home fires means that we are constantly scrambling to keep up with the demand, especially through the winter months,” Porter said. “We call them silent disasters for a reason, because you rarely hear about them, but they are just as disastrous for those affected. When someone loses a home, they don’t have to lose their holiday as well.”

It is critical to these families that we are able to support our day to day disaster response. A financial gift to you local Red Cross is the best way to help.


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