Are You Road Trip Ready For Winter?


As you make your plans to head out to visit family and friends during the winter months, the Red Cross encourages you to consider those “what-if” situations to ensure a smooth journey when the rubber meets the road. While road trips are an adventurous way to spend quality time together, you want to ensure you make it on time for your visit without any crisis on the way, not to mention being stuck in winter weather

Some important precautionary tips:

  • Adjust your mirrors to minimize blind spots
  • Set your seat a safe distance from the wheel in case your airbag deploys
  • Buckle your seat belt

If you get stranded, be appropriately prepared with the following in-car care items:

  • Extra snacks and lots of water
  • First aid kit (many newer model cars include these in the trunk)
  • Fully charged cell phone or two

Keep the following emergency items in your trunk:

  • Tire pressure gauge
  • Tire jack
  • Health spare tire
  • Jumper cables
  • Flares

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The Red Cross DubLi Shopping Mall can help you with your road trip plans with items from the following stores:

AAP  APW  AutoZone

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