Everyday Heroes Alex and Judy Malpass Volunteer for the Reward of Helping Others

By: Jaime Lisk

Malpass1Alex and Judy Malpass have served the American Red Cross faithfully for a combined 24 years. Alex began in 1996 and Judy in 2008. Though they would never admit it, Alex and Judy’s contribution to the Red Cross over the years has been exceptional.

Alex began his Red Cross experience by transporting dialysis patients to and from their appointments. Unfortunately one and a half years into performing this service the Red Cross had to cease providing this service+. “After that, I was foot-loose and fancy free.” Alex said. But the Red Cross was not about to let him get away. Alex then participated in several Red Cross classes and was deployed on his first Disaster Response to Pensacola Florida to aid in relief after hurricane Floyd.

During the early years of Alex’s Red Cross experience, Judy continued to work and provide forMalpass2 the family. Since retirement however, she has accompanied Alex on five national disaster responses. Alex and Judy do their part in the local community as well. They serve on a Disaster Action Team, which responds immediately to any local disasters.

In addition, Judy and Alex do their best to make sure the Triangle Area

Red Cross has the cleanest, finest Emergency Response Vehicle (ERV). “Alex does a lot of upkeep for the ERV,” Judy said. He ensures that it is driven the recommended amount of miles each month and also keeps it clean and in ship-shape. Before parades the couple often takes the ERV home and washes and waxes it.

Alex and Judy began volunteering at the Red Cross because they wanted to find a way to give Malpass3back. “We just wanted to be doing something that needed to be done.” Judy said. While it may be as simple as that to Alex and Judy, their time and commitment to serving this community is nothing short of inspiring. For them, it’s not about receiving a pat on the back or hearing endless praise. For Alex, the reward is “looking out that window when you’re serving food and seeing a line of people waiting for you to feed them. Then we see them leave with all the food they want. That is the most rewarding part. Seeing people getting fed.”

Alex and Judy are just the type of everyday heroes that you meet in the Red Cross. Though every volunteer story is different, they are also the same: people from our community, helping people at home and across the country.

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