2014 Volunteer Appreciation Luncheon: Celebrating Our Everyday Heroes

On April 25, 2014, Trinity Baptist Church hosted the American Red Cross Volunteer Appreciation Luncheon. Every years this celebration gives us a chance to honor our everyday heroes who generously give their time, money, and support to the Red Cross. We understand that not all heroes wear capes and we want all of our volunteers to know how much we appreciate their service. At this year’s Volunteer Appreciation, over 100 volunteers were in attendance. American Red Cross staff members served a delicious chicken dinner to the guests of honor: the volunteers. Regional Chief Executive Officer, Barry Porter acted as Master of Ceremonies for the event and adamantly thanked Red Cross volunteers for their service. Porter and the staff agree that the most amazing characteristic about Red Cross volunteers is their continuous dedication to the mission to the Red Cross.

For special recognition, the Triangle Red Cross celebrated its Poe Heritage Award winner: Dorothy Demby-Paige. Dorothy began volunteering for the Triangle Red Cross in 1979 when she initiated the first high school blood drive at Sanderson High School where she taught science. She continues to volunteer at the Red Cross to stay connected to her community and meet new people. The Poe Award goes to Ms. Demby-Paige due to her exhibition of the spirit of ,community support and volunteerism through outstanding leadership, service, and achievement.

Red Cross volunteers who truly go above and beyond receive the Exceptional Volunteer Service Award. At the 2014 Volunteer Luncheon this award was given to these volunteers: Wendy Samuel and Diane Mahar for Administration, Larry Holt for Blood Services, Penny Vagle for Volunteer Services, Carolyn Stern, Robin Yerden, Adrienne O’Neill, Raeford Twigg, Frank Parker, John Berry, and Donna Stewart for Disaster Services, Keith Acree for Public Affairs, Deidra Grossi and Maggie Keller for Financial Development, and Leotha Forte and the John Deere Emergency Response Team Wake Tech EMT Program for Health and Safety.

In addition, the Red Cross celebrates the anniversary of service for the following volunteers:

Dorothy Demby-Paige – 35 year Anniversary.

Iggy Burroughs and Michael Seigh – 25 year Anniversary.

Bob Brisbin, Chandler Eaton, Claire Eaton, Debbie Eckardt, Cleone Ellis, Linda Ingle, Marco Lagos, Dennis Paschall, and Margaret Powell – 15 year Anniversary.

David Ammons, Catherine Bukowy, Alan Clegg, Evelyn Cox, Jan Crotts, Jean Desmond, Kathryn Dunshie, Bill Faison, Jill Gaster, William Hamlin, William Holley, Douglas Hunt, Grace Kellum, Jill Lancaster, Marchanda Lewis, LeeAnne Powell, Donna Rhode, Anne Soeder, Eleanor Staats, Andy Willis, and Jimmy Yates – 10 year Anniversary.

Charlotte Baker, Loretta Barren, Robert Brooks, Brilynn Cologgi, Sallie Cowell, Sheila Culler, Terry Culler, Karen DeLeon, Frank Desmond, Leslie Eason, Terri Fisher, Krista Gates, Patricia Gifford, Joanne Green, Leah Grosjean, Christopher Hammond, Constantine Kledaras, Melloneice Miller, Alcinda Moore, Jennifer Morton, Amber Polk, Marcia Rao, Dezel Richardson, Stella Rideout, Jennifer Riggs, Wendy Samuel, Wallace Smith, Ebony Smith, Gayle Stegall, Carolyn Stern, Jane Warner, Mary Whitley, Crystal Williams, and Jack Williford – 5 year Anniversary.

Thank you again to all of our everyday heroes who make the American Red Cross a priority in their lives. We could not do what we do without you.

By: Jaime Lisk

Public Affairs Volunteer

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